Movement-Building Education and Training for Activists  was established to meet the professional and leadership development needs of community institutions such as schools, civic, and community based organizations, and congregations. I work closely with educators, organizers, activists, and community members to achieve their mission of social impact and transformation.


Professional and Leadership Development

Organizations fighting to transform communities and the institutions that serve them need more than a powerful vision and Theory of Change (ToC). Educators, activists, and community members must develop the leadership competencies that will help them achieve their organizational mission and vision. I will help your organization to create and implement a robust professional and leadership development plan to unlock the full potential of your staff and volunteers.


Professional Meeting Facilitation

Organizational retreats are an excellent opportunity to reflect on and celebrate your successes, deepen relationships with colleagues, and create a vision for the next phase in the journey towards equity and justice. The only drawback, however, is when someone in your organization has to juggle planning and facilitating and being a participant. Every person in your organization should be able to be fully present and benefit from the experience. I will help your organization by designing and facilitating a productive and rejuvenative retreat experience that meets everyone's personal and professional development needs.


Multicultural Organizational Development (MCOD)

Organizations fighting for social justice engage in the difficult work of holding the mirror up to society and exposing its institutional inequities produced by unfair policies, laws, and practices. To be truly effective, however, organizations also have to hold the mirror up to themselves and look at their own policies and practices. I will help your organization to develop cultural competencies by examining and transforming practices, policies and relationships. The goal of MCOD is to support the transformation of your organization from monoculturalism to pluralism so that it is inclusive of the values, experiences, and voices of all.