“Stephen, your character is admirable. The agenda was well thought out. You kept us focused and on our feet. I enjoyed being pushed outside my comfort zone.”
— Miriam Villanueva, San Jose Education Organizer, Rocketship Public Schools
Stephen is able to bring very tangible skills and techniques that I can implement in my parent organizing, provide a sounding board, and thought partnership around my role and challenges in my work.
— Shakya Cherry-Donaldson, Nashville Education Organizer, Rocketship Public Schools
We partnered with Stephen to implement a brand new Interfaith Youth Speakers Program targeted at opening up peer to peer dialogue in the classroom about bullying and discrimination. I was spearheading the project and could not have done it without Stephen’s critical insight and steady support. He was available to step in as a trainer and a facilitator at key points of the program, but more than that, he was able to step in as a strategic advisor as the program unfolded. Stephen’s contributions and advice were always rooted in directed experience. He’s a pleasure to work with and I hope we have the opportunity to partner on projects in the future.
— Krithika Harish, Youth Leaders Program Coordinator, United Religion Initiatives
Stephen facilitated a staff retreat focused on the recent merger of two organizations. He was very attentive to the organization’s needs and provided a thorough agenda in advance. On the day, Stephen’s facilitation style was relaxed and welcoming. He kept to schedule and was able to incorporate all voices in the organization with empathy and respect.
— Selena Teji, Policy Analyst at California Budget & Policy Center
Our staff retreat as facilitated by Stephen was well-organized and efficiently orchestrated. Stephen was approachable as a facilitator, and fun to work with. Overall an enjoyable experience!
— Marc Babus, LEAP Advocate, Center on Juvenile Criminal Justice
As a result of our recent organizational merger, our retreat allowed staff to connect on a level we had not had the opportunity for previously. With Stephen’s engaging and relaxed facilitation style, a safe space was created where we all our voices could genuinely be heard.
— Emily Luhrs, SSP Case Specialist, Center on Juvenile Criminal Justice